Halloween can be #2spooky for your teeth

buzzkillington-animation-001-idlepic4xEverybody knows that eating a bunch of lollies is not going to be good for your teeth. But we don’t want to be Mr Buzz Killington over here.
So here are some thing to keep in mind this halloween to minimise the impact of all that delicious candy!

  • You don’t have to eat it all in one go! As tempting as it is to lie down face first in a pile of chocolate and eat until you explode, moderation is key.
  • Make sure you brush your teeth sometime soon after eating lollies, and before you go to sleep.
  • Try eating some sugar free gum after candy consumption. It increases the saliva in the mouth.
  • Keep sweet thing to mealtime to reduce the amount of time teeth are exposed to them.

Now for the fun stuff! Here are a couple of awesome halloween costumes, incase you’re stuck for costume ideas. (warning: all dental themed)


What are you going trick or treating as this year? Any costume suggestions? let us know!

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– Leo


One comment

  1. Oral health is such an important facet of overall health, and here at Broke-Ass Students, we think that it is essential that over holiday periods such as Halloween and Christmas and the like that it is taken into account! Broke-Ass Students – take note – if you do not take care of your dental health, you will be hit with a huge bill next time you take a trip to the dentist. Protect your pearly whites people 🙂



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