Alternatives to floss? Rejoice!

We get it. We aren’t robots who enjoy sticking string between our teeth. Flossing sucks. But it’s super necessary when it comes to taking care of your mouth. So while flossing might be the best thing for you, some of these alternatives are better than doing nothing at all!

  • Toothpick – Super basic, cheap and easy. It doesn’t do the best job, and please don’t think we are recommending this over flossing, but it can be better than doing nothing. Just be prepared to accidentally stab yourself a few times.
  • Flosser – Essentially a piece of plastic, with pre-loaded dental floss. The handle makes it easier grasp and control than regular dental floss. They come in various sizes, and handle lengths. Do they do as good a job as the real deal, no. There are still places these little guys cannot get to, but again, they are better than nothing. Easy to use on the go as well. (just in case you feel the need to be flossing when you are out and about)
  • Interdental Brush – Similar to the flosser, these little guys come in various sizes. The small brushes are designed to go through the gap between your teeth and clean them out. While they cannot clean all the way up and down the side of your tooth, they will clean out the pockets between teeth, just above the gums.
  • Water irrigators – On the more expensive side of things are the irrigators. These products shoot concentrated water (or air in some cases) between the teeth and gums, and can provide a very healthy clean. (pictured up top)

As always, check with your dentist if any of these are applicable to you, but you might find an easier way to clean between your teeth and gums!

What flossing products do you use? let us know!



– Leo


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